Ideal for homes, motor homes, boats and apartments

Ultra tough, supports up to 20 lbs

Mounts to studs and drywalls

Sturdy and retractable

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A hook when you need one and hides when you don’t

Toronto Sun

Hooked on a feeling by Lisa Brandt

Hide-a-Hook (HAH for short), is a retractable, paintable hook made of sturdy plastic that installs like a switch plate.When you need the hook, you just pop it out with your finger and it will hold your jacket, bag, and key ring, whatever you wish.

When you’re done with it, push it back in and there it sits until it’s called upon again.

Mississauga News

Canadian Tire selling unique 'hide-a-hook'

by Catarina Muia

Hide-A-Hook (HAH) is a hook that can be installed almost anywhere. When it is needed it can be pulled out to hang coats, bags, etc. When it is no longer needed, it can be pushed back in until next time.

The hook can also be painted to blend in with the walls so that they go unnoticed.

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