Hide a Hook

Until now, all hooks were all the same in one way.
They always stuck out and did not give when
bumped into by a person or a door.

Now there is the Hide A Hook (HAH),
it is a Hook when you need it and
it Hides when you don’t need it.

Think of all the places you could use the HAH: smaller apartments, motor homes, boats, and in rooms where you would not want a permanent hook but would welcome a retractable hook. The HAH allows a freedom to install it in a multitude of places you would not want to install a regular hook to hang a coat, hat, towel, etc. When the HAH is retracted it is out of the way and posses no safety hazard. The HAH is paintable and when painted the same color as the area it is installed on, it will virtually disappear in its retracted state.

hide a hook gallery

I have installed HAH’s on both sides of the stairwell leading to the basement of my town home. When company comes, I use the HAH’s and when they leave, I retract them. I would not install regular hooks in the stairwell as they would be a safety hazard, but when retracted the HAH’s are out of the way and all is well. See the pictures for examples.

For a limited time, if you buy four HAH’s at the regular price of $4.99, you will receive a fifth HAH for FREE, and we will pay the taxes on all of them and donate 1 dollar to the Red Cross for aide to the people in Haiti. Once you have used the HAH, you will enjoy the versatility it affords and when installed creatively will allow benefits you had not been able to enjoy until now.

The total cost to you for five HAH’s will be $19.96 + shipping and handling. Depending on where the HAH’s have to be shipped to, the cost of shipping will vary. When you order your HAH’s Special offer, let us know if you want 1 or more orders and please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Thank you for your orders!

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We UNDERSTAND the cost of shipping of 1 HAH  IS THE SAME AS SHIPPING FIVE- WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS. Canada Post has a weight range that charges the same amount for 1 HAH as it does for 5 HAH’s.. they’re quite light. We want to offer you the customer a special offer to help make your order a better deal for you. We will give you 5 HAH's for the cost of 4 and we will pay the taxes.

The shipping Zones that have been created, are to simplify the whole order process and that is why the total cost of purchasing the HAH's, shipping and handling have been calculated for you for one HAH ordered and for the special offer of 5 HAH's. If you live outside of Canada we will be happy to calculate the total cost of you order once you have emailed us your Full address including the mail code ( ZIP code or postal code ) and we will email you back with the total cost within 2 business days.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or special orders that may be considerably larger than multiples of the 5 for 4 special offer and we will be happy to send you a quote within 2 business days. We also want to hear from you if you have encountered any past due shipment and we will investigate it and email you back within 2 business days to let you know what we will do for you.

Please be assured that we want our customers to be happy with their orders and we will work diligently to accomplish this task for every customer.